Гидрокотила трипартита

Aquatic plant gidrokotila is tripartite has quite colorful and attractive. It resembles a green hat...

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Микрантемум Монте Карло

Helianthus Microdevices or few-flowered water plant with long, slightly branched shoots. The flower...

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Гигрофила многосемянная

This is a very popular plant among hobbyists due to its low system requirements content and speed of...

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Погостемон Хелфера

Pogostemon helferi a very unusual plant that has leaves shaped and relatively small in size. His col...

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Eleocharis parvula

This eleocharis has many names: Sitnah dwarf or dwarf hair grass, eleocharis parvula (Eleocharis par...

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Валлиснерия торта

Vallisneria torta is common in regions such as Asia, Australia, Africa and Oceania. Grows in rivers...

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Гигрофила лимонник

Hygrophila of corymbosa CD (Hygrophila corymbosa) - aquarium plant. Known as lemongrass dwarf. Recom...

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Ротала круглолистная

Translated from English.-Rotala rotundifolia, dwarf rotala is a plant that is often confused with Ro...

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