Валлиснерия торта

Others Name Vallisneria torta
Vallisneria tortifolia

Type plant
Usage background
Difficulty easy
Growth medium
Temperature 20 - 27 °C
pH 6.5 - 7.5
General hardness
Carbonate hardness 5 - 12 °dKH

Vallisneria torta is common in regions such as Asia, Australia, Africa and Oceania. Grows in rivers and lakes.

Vallisneria cake, is one of the varieties of Eel. Has very narrow leaves that do not shade the neighboring plants and in a bun. The leaves are soft, slightly twisted in a spiral. This is a very hardy plant that is fast growing and easily propagated.

It is recommended to place all the scenery aquarium, or around the side walls. Planted in the plant is a assembled along the long narrow leaves. Sheet reaches a length of from 20 to 40 cm Leaves are very fragile, be careful when sheet damage they will begin to die.



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