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Погостемон Хелфера

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Scientific Name Pogostemon helferi
Others Name Погостемон хелфери

Type plant
Usage midground, ground cover
Difficulty medium
Growth medium
Temperature 15 - 28 °C
pH 5 - 7
General hardness 0 - 30 °dGH
Carbonate hardness 2 - 14 °dKH

Pogostemon helferi a very unusual plant that has leaves shaped and relatively small in size. His color is bright green color is in harmony with its structure. Pogostemon helferi has curly leaves, which stand out markedly against the background of neighboring plants. Bush height in aquarium conditions is 10 cm and its width is about 5-10 cm in acceptable conditions the plant has a medium growth rate.



5 years ago

Очень красивое и приятное растения, подходит как для переднего плана, так и для среднего

Pro: корневая система - легко пересаживать