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JBL Test Combi Set Plus Fe

the <div> the <ul> the <li>For all aquarium with plants.</li> the <li>includes: tests pH(3-10), KH, NO<sub>2</sub>, NO<sub>3</sub> and Fe (control fertilizer), syringe for accurate sampling of...

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JBL Test Combi Set Plus NH4

the <div> the <ul> the <li>Test NH&#8323; for all aquariums, especially with pH values above 7.</li> the <li>pH 3-10, VOL, NO&#8322; (nitrite), NO&#8323; (nitrate), NH&#8324;/NH&#8323; (ammoni...

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JBL Testlab

the <div> the <ul> the <li>12 different tests to determine all the parameters of the water.</li> the <li>pH 3.0-10, pH 6.0 to 7.6, pH 7.4-9.0, oxygen O&#8322;, table of CO&#8322;, GH, KH, phos...

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JBL Testlab Marin

the <div> the <ul> the <li>11 different tests: pH 7,4-9,0; KH (2x); Ca; Mg; Cu; NH&#8324;; NO&#8322;; NO&#8323;; PO&#8324;; SiO&#8322; O&#8322;.</li> the <li>Waterproof plastic container with...

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Red Sea Algae Control

A set of tests, RED SEA Algae Control &#40;NO3/PO4&#41; - a set of high-precision test for measuring the amount of nitrates and phosphates

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Red Sea Reef Colors

RED SEA Reef Color Pro Test Kit precision test for measuring the concentration of iodine &#40;50 tests&#41;, potassium &#40;40 tests&#41; and iron &#40;50 tests&#41; in marine aquariums

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<div style="font-size: 16px;">Experienced aquarist checks the water in your aquarium regularly. This allows to take preventive measures against, for example, algae, quickly and easily, without the ne...

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the <div>Experienced aquarist checks the water in your marine aquarium regularly. The only way to eliminate problems before they become dangerous to susceptible animals. sera Aqua-test box marin conta...

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Tetra WaterTest

A set of tests that can help you quickly and easily identify the most important water parameters in the aquarium. To determine the most important water parameters in aquarium: pH, carbonate and Genera...

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