Валлиснерия нана

Scientific Name Vallisneria nana

Type plant
Usage background, midground
Difficulty easy
Growth medium
General hardness
Carbonate hardness

Vallisneria Nana, or dwarf Vallisneria (Vallisneria nana) is much less than other vallisneri and can be used in small aquariums up to 50 liters. However, its height is strongly dependent on the conditions in the aquarium. In aquariums with lighting 0.5 watts/litre or less, no additional supply of carbon dioxide this Vallisneria rarely reaches a height of 30 cm and can take a red tint. Under intense lighting and abundant food Vallisneria Nana can grow up to 40 cm Width of the sheet under such conditions is expected to double and reach about 5-6 mm.

Vallisneria Nana – Bush plant that multiplies lateral shoots. Shoots can reach up to 10 cm long, so to save a compact group of eel, some of them should be cut off. The growth rate of eel Nan are quite high, but lower than other varieties of Vallisneria.



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