Others Name Ceratophyllum

Type plant
Usage background
General hardness
Carbonate hardness

Ceratophyllum (Ceratophýllum) – the most popular aquarium plants for beginners.

Ceratophyllum (lat. Ceratophyllum) is a genus of perennial aquatic plants with thin branches, the only genus in the family Rogolistnika (Ceratophyllaceae).

Distribution of Ceratophyllum — water bodies with stagnant and slowly flowing water in all parts of the world — from the Arctic circle to the tropics. The depth at which the growing hornwort, various. This is due to the fact that the plant shade-loving and sensitive to light (experiments showed that in bright light, the plant dies), and therefore "chooses" the depth that the pond is optimal. The maximum observed depth of 9 m.



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