Людвигия болотная

Scientific Name Ludwigia palustris

Type plant
Usage background, midground
Difficulty easy
Growth fast
Light hight
Temperature 18 - 28 °C
pH 5 - 7
General hardness
Carbonate hardness 0 - 14 °dKH

Ludwigia marsh undemanding plant. For its optimal content in the aquarium suitable for the following water parameters: hardness 2-12°, pH 6.0 to 7.5, temperature of 18-26°C. At temperatures above 24 internodes elongated, and the plant looks unattractive. Loves clean water, so the need for filtration and weekly water changes. Suffers from the abundance of mist in the water.

Ludwigia marsh prefers bright light. As sources of artificial light you can use fluorescent lamps with a power of 0.5 W/L. the Length of daylight is about 12 hours. In this case, the stems ludwigia swamp is covered with thick compact leaves, and the bottom part is painted in a deep red color. The lack of lighting internodes of the plants are extracted and red color will disappear and the plant loses its beauty. Excess light can cause algae on the plant leaves.



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