Лилаеопсис новозеландский

Scientific Name Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae

Type plant
Usage ground cover
Difficulty medium
Growth medium
General hardness
Carbonate hardness

Good option for aquarium plant liliopsid new Zealand for hobbyists that create a lawn under water. This plant can grow as a dense carpet that'll give the underwater landscape of the land of the lawn of ordinary grass. Fortunately liliopsid new Zealand is unpretentious, but grows slowly even in favorable conditions. The height of the lawn from liliopsida adjustable lighting. Under illumination of 0.6-0.8 W/l plant height of three inches. The power increase or decrease will cause increased growth.

Feeding the soil ensures a stable growth of plants and increases the speed. The optimal substrate for liliopsida new Zealand is a small fraction of soil to five millimeters. In the major soil, the plant refuses to settle down. The chemical water parameters undemanding. Liliopsid new Zealand is growing in a fairly wide range of pH and hardness.


3 Fish tanks with Лилаеопсис новозеландский


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