Криптокорина вендта

Others Name Cryptocoryne wendtii

Type plant
Usage midground
Difficulty medium
Growth medium
pH 5 - 8
General hardness 0 - 30 °dGH
Carbonate hardness 1 - 18 °dKH

Cryptocoryne Wendt (Cryptocoryne Wendtii) is a plant that has a high decorative properties. Under good conditions the height of the plant reaches 30 cm In a small aquarium Cryptocoryne Wendt forms a loose thicket. Under the water the plant grows evenly throughout the year.

Cryptocoryne Wendt is different from many other types because of its decorative, small leaves are greenish-brown and green colors, high /20cm/ height. The adaptability of this species are good. Contain Wendt cryptocorynes is the best in the water hardness 8-15°. In very soft water, it drops leaves, although less only hurts the crypt disease. The reaction of water with any value has no. Temperature fluctuations migrates, however, at temperatures below 22°C this plant significantly slows down your growth and grows slower than normal.



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