Гигрофила Синема

Scientific Name Hygrophila siamensis
Others Name Гигрофила деморфная
Hygrophila difformis
Гигрофила Диформис

Type plant
Usage midground, ground cover
Difficulty very easy
Growth fast
Light medium
Temperature 18 - 30 °C
pH 5 - 7
General hardness 0 - 30 °dGH
Carbonate hardness 2 - 18 °dKH

Hygrophila cinema demornay has light green stems and toothed leaves. They are arranged oppositely. The leaves vary from oval, with slight chipping to severely cut. Due to the large size of the plant, keep it in aquariums need appropriate level.

As a primer you can use a small, moderately silty gravel or coarse sand layer thickness of not less than 3-5 cm When using a new substrate it is recommended to add a piece of clay under the roots of the plants. Hygrophila cinema looks great planted in groups at back wall of the aquarium and in the middle ground, and with frequent circumcision and in the front. To plant the plant in the ground must be carefully because the stem and leaves are fragile. Just try to shade from other taller plants from falling on them.



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