Гигрофила арагвая

Scientific Name Hygrophila sp. Araguaia

Type plant
Usage midground, background
Difficulty medium
Growth medium
Temperature 18 - 30 °C
pH 4 - 7
General hardness 0 - 30 °dGH
Carbonate hardness 0 - 7 °dKH

Hygrophila sp. Araguaia has a long stem on which the leaves are red-brown. The higher the intensity, the contrast becomes more color plants. It should be noted that the plant is grown in paludariums painted in brown and green. The leaves are narrow and have an interesting pattern of light strips extending in the Central part of the sheet from the front side. Thanks to the unusual color of hygrophila araguay can create a very attractive underwater landscape standing out against the background of other aquatic plants. In aquarium conditions, the size of the plant reaches 20 cm in height and leaf size to 5 cm


3 Fish tanks with Гигрофила арагвая


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