Crinum calamistratum

Others Name Кринум волнистый

Type plant
Usage background, midground
Difficulty easy
Growth slow
Temperature 12 - 30 °C
pH 5 - 8
General hardness 0 - 30 °dGH
Carbonate hardness 2 - 12 °dKH

Homeland crinum wavy West Africa. The plant grows in tropical forest streams and rivers with rapid currents, also under direct sunlight, in pebbly and rocky or muddy ground (at a height of 650 m above sea level). In Amateur aquariums is quite rare.

Crinum wavy - a very elegant plant with dark green leaves. The bulb is elongated with a thickness of up to 4.5 cm, length 10 cm Stem shortened. Escheresque leaves collected in the outlet. Steel plate ribbon-like length of 70-200 cm, width of 0.2-0.7 cm, the edge of the sheet is wavy. Central vein clear. Straight stems up to 80 cm in length. Tall wavy crinum grows up to 40-120 cm, width of the shrub 20-30 cm



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