Бакопа Монье

Others Name Bacopa monnieri

Type plant
Usage background
Difficulty easy
Growth medium
General hardness
Carbonate hardness

Comfortable water parameters for keeping bacopa Monnier temperatures of 22-26 °C (in cold water, plant growth slows and older leaves begin to rot). The hardness of the water to 6°. The lighting is bright. Diffused natural sunlight is very beneficial to the plant. The soil required is a moderately silted. Bacopa cordata is fed directly from water, because the plant root system is poorly developed. As the substrate use sand or other fine fraction, layer 4 cm for additional feeding mobo not needed.

The plant is easily propagated by cuttings of the stem. The top 10-15 cm long can be planted directly in soil, without waiting for the appearance of roots, the lower whorl of leaves bury.

Interestingly, the bacopa monnieri is often confused with a similar plant - hedyotis Salzmann. However, if you look closely - they are two different plants. When buying plants, pay attention to it!


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