Aquael PAT mini

Vendor code AQ-107715

PAT MINI is a miniature internal filter designed for installation in aquariums small and medium size. The device consists of a small head and a carefully selected filter sponges. Through the use of innovative design solutions for maximum throughput head up to 400 l/h, which is comparable with the standard turbine performance aquarium filter average. With all of this energy consumption does not exceed 4 watts. Thanks to the high performance filter PAT MINI can provide effective filtration even 120-litre capacity. However, do not be afraid, that tanks is much smaller filter will cause a &quot;storm&quot;, as on the front of the head of the filter has the regulator bandwidth, allowing you to pick up this parameter to the conditions of the aquarium. In addition, the filter is equipped with a directional tip, through which water movement can be restricted for example by directing the stream on wall of container. Effective saturation of water with oxygen due to the flow of air through a tube attached to the output nozzle. The set of filter PAT MINI includes fine-pored sponge, trapping the smallest visible dirt and provides extremely effective mechanical filtration of aquarium water. In addition, the sponge provides an ideal environment for the development of useful strains, the so-called nitrifying bacteria that oxidize toxic substances: ammonia and nitrates. Care sponge is very simple and takes no more than a minute. Thanks to the regular care we will ensure continuous operation of the filter, and the inhabitants of our aquarium and will swim in the crystal clear, containing no toxins in the water. Filter installation is simple thanks to the mount with strong suction cups and bracket to secure the filter over the edge of the aquarium.<br />
<br />
- very small size<br />
- excellent filtration<br />
- high capacity &#40;up to 400 l/h&#41;<br />
- easy bandwidth throttling<br />
- aeration<br />
- Maximum capacity - 400 l/h<br />
The volume of the tank - 10-120 L.



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